Thank you for your interest in working at Blue Gum Montessori Primary School, Perth, Western Australia.

Blue Gum Montessori Staff enjoy a strong partnership with the children and the parents of the  School. The School has a whole school approach totally committed to the Montessori Ethos. Each classroom operates as a micro community within the larger school community and everyone celebrates the cultural diversity of the school, is mindful of the necessity of sustainability and the focus on the children in their quest to become citizens of the world.

The lovely, purpose built, large classrooms are well equipped and there is a large collection of resources for the staff to draw on. As a Montessori school the adult child ratio is small. Each classroom has a three year mixed age group span where children can learn with younger and older children. Children act as role models and learn to work in a team. Every classroom has an Educational Assistant.

The teams of educational and administrative staff are very stable, however occasionally a position in the School comes up and details will be posted on the website and advertised in the press.

We are always interested to hear from Montessori Teaching staff.  If you would like to come and discuss your teaching aspirations with us, please get in touch.

Please address your resume and covering letter to Dr Maree Matthews and email hrops@bgms.wa.edu.au