Principal’s Address

Welcome to Blue Gum Montessori School (BGMS)

We invite you to come and visit our unique Montessori school to see why it is the place for you and your family. We pride ourselves on our high quality Montessori school for the following reasons:

  • We treat each child as an individual in our prepared Montessori environment
  • The prepared Montessori adult works within the values of our school
  • All parents are invited to observe a Montessori classroom to build their understanding of how the Montessori curriculum makes a difference to student learning
  • As a Montessori learner your child is respected for who they are
  • We facilitate high level Montessori learning, centred around your child’s unique learning profile
  • Each child’s learning is closely monitored and evaluated to inform our next steps
  • Our world curriculum is approved by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)
  • The Montessori curriculum is based on world-breaking scientific research by Dr Maria Montessori
  • What we teach, is based on how the brain best works and its neurological pathways
  • Learning in a Montessori school is sequential and part of a holistic way of learning
  • Children are encouraged to be independent and research their learning under the watchful eye of the teacher who nurtures and supports the child in their next steps
  • We foster education for life…Montessori children have a tool kit for life! We value the literacies and the arts (English, Mathematics including learning by feeling the material which is referred to as Sensorial, Practical Life, French, Chinese, Cultural Studies, Botany, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Positive Education
  • All children attend Positive Education classes that encapsulate learning social skills and how to make and maintain friends, learning to play and negotiate through restorative practices and nurturing their emotional development
  • Children are taught to care for their mental health by meditating and being aware of their place in time and space
  • We value parent participation in their child’s learning
  • Parental involvement is also encouraged when their child is faced with challenges, and participating in their school life
  • Every decision we make is focused around our students – your children
Through engagement with a Montessori prepared environment and the Montessori prepared adult, you and your family will discover what genuine learning is really about.Blue Gum Montessori School lays the foundation for life-long learning.We invite you to become part of the BGMS family.  5

Dr Maree G Matthews