Upper Primary 9-12 years

In Upper Primary, 9 – 12 years old, the children build on and extend their knowledge and skills they began with their parents, continued to build in the 3 – 6 cycle and added depth to in the 6 – 9 cycle. This cycle is one of consolidation, similar to the 3 – 6 cycle.

As the children approach the age of nine, they are beginning to move away from concrete to abstract learning. Their experiences and thoughts begin to connect. Numeracy and literacy activities continue to be pursued for consolidation purposes and are strongly linked to the research projects.

An experience is only useful to the child if thinking follows. It is the reflection on the consequences that makes the experience meaningful. As the child is prepared to undergo the consequences, to think about them and change his/her actions accordingly, growth and development can be said to be taking place. Reflective thinking aids the process of becoming responsible. In Upper Primary there is a focus on the development of social beings. The skills of being able to think, to reflect, to draw conclusions and to act in a responsible manner are encouraged.

In this cycle,  the children spend much of their time carrying out their own research projects. As they did in the Middle Primary, this is often done in groups with the children collaborating. These activities enhance the development of communication and intra-personal skills. Research tools such as computers, books and other texts are all fully utilised and the range of research topics widens as the children become interested in moral and social issues.

At this age, ethics and justice are prime focuses and issues relating to these often form the basis of their projects as students explore their place within society, their rights and their responsibilities.

As the children take more and more responsibility for their learning, individual weekly conferencing and a review of personal goals develop organisational skills and personal responsibility for achieving learning goals. There are tasks to be completed each week and daily lessons with small groups or individuals.

Upper Primary children seek and enjoy more social responsibility and Blue Gum Montessori provides them with opportunities to further develop leadership skills and initiatives. Opportunities are also created for interaction with the wider community.

The School’s year culminates in the Celebration of Learning Graduation Ceremony for those children moving on to high school. We recognise all School Leaders and celebrate their success!