Transition and Extended-Education Programs

Blue Gum Montessori School is a forerunner in recognising the critical importance of the early years in the development of a child’s spiritual, cognitive, social, emotional, creative and physical wellbeing. Utilising the Montessori Method of Education, the School is recognised for delivering a high quality early childhood education.

In order to provide working and busy parents with a Montessori option for high quality early childhood experiences for three year olds, the School is offering a highly specialised Transition to Junior Primary class program and an Extended-Education program (Extend-Ed).

Transition Program (three / four year olds)

Our Montessori Transition program has been created to assist the learning development of three to four year old children. Our classroom is fully equipped to prepare children socially and emotionally for our 3-6 Junior Primary classes. The program is conducted from 8.30am to 12 noon Monday to Thursday with an option at extended hours until 3pm.

Our Transition program focuses on the Montessori curriculum, and also interlinks the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). EYLF is designed to extend and enrich children’s learning from birth to age five and incorporates ‘belonging, being and becoming’ into their environment. These are all integral parts of the child’s identity. Once the foundation of a relationship is formed with their peers and teacher, a sense of security and safety will encourage confidence in exploration and learning. Our Transition program also focuses on relationships with families. Strong relationships affiliate both the physical and psychological aspects of ‘belonging, being and becoming’.

Our Transition program implements practical life materials that prepare children to participate in the world around them. Pouring, threading, washing and sorting, as well as ‘care of self’ routines such as dressing oneself, are areas of learning that are affiliated in this program. Interpersonal skills and societal rules of grace and courtesy are also encouraged. These areas of practical life encourage the development of concentration, hand-eye coordination and muscular control. Other areas to be affiliated in this program are sensorial, language, mathematics and culture, a preparation to participate in our 3-6 Junior Primary classes once developmentally ready.

Extend-Ed Program (three year olds)

Children staying for the Extend-Ed program are collected from their Junior Primary classroom at approximately 11.50am and are escorted to the Extend-Ed classroom. The children go out for lunch on the verandah and some outdoor play time (weather permitting). At the end of lunch, the Extend-Ed children will have a quiet time before engaging in supervised activities until they are collected at 3pm.

The School offers places on availability. Once a child turns four by June 30th, can attend four full days attendance and no longer requires the Extend-Ed service.

Extend-Ed places are limited and offered on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and are held from Monday to Thursday inclusive. Generally, bookings are made prior to the beginning of each term via the School Registrar. Families will be invoiced at the start of each term.

Application for the Extend-Ed Program may be made by:
completing and sending the information listed under, or by
completing and returning this form Extend-Ed Application Form to the Mallee Teacher or School Administration.