Newsletter 15 September 2015

Dear Parents
Our community of learners has been busy recently participating in a number of school events.

We celebrated Dr Maria Montessori’s birthday with a special visit from the ‘philosopher’. She talked about the values of Montessori education that has been built on peace for social change.
“Montessori saw that children held within them something wonder-ful, something so special that it could be the key to changing the world. She saw that they were inherently good and that, if allowed to develop freely, they felt connected to everything and were natu-rally caring to each other and the world around them”. (Montessori Media Center)
Special thanks to Crispin Rapsey for her wise words!

Thank you to all the parents for sharing in our picnic lunch, the Gelato and the coffees!

Silent Walk
Thank you to the parents who participated in the ‘Silent Walk’ last Wednesday. The ‘Silent Walk’ is about walking through a Montessori environment in silence without touching or engaging with the children. The silence aspect created a feeling among the group of something important happening. It was so nice to see everybody really having a look at the children learning. We then sat outside for debrief and discuss what we saw and what it meant to us. It provided an opportunity to clarify and share.
From what they shared, parents noticed the size of things, the order, how attractive the materials are, checked for understanding, some discovering rooms in the school they’d never been in before (the Curriculum Resource Office). Their curiosity had been awakened!

Please be reminded that Term 3 concludes for students at 3pm on Friday, 25 September 2015.

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