“The child’s development follows a path of successive stages of independence, and our knowledge of this must guide us in our behaviour towards him. We have to help the child to act, will and think for himself. This is the art of serving the spirit, an art which can be practised to perfection only when working among children.”
Dr. Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952)

The following are a few helpful reminders of some of the school’s policies and practices.

Healthy food
Blue Gum Montessori School encourages healthy food and it is suggested that children are given sandwiches and fruit for their morning snack and lunch. Processed foods are not acceptable and these include chocolates, crisps, high sugar content foods, processed foods and foods containing colourants and preservatives. The general rule is that if it comes in a packet it is not acceptable.

The school is an Allergy Aware environment (individual arrangements may be made with the supervising teacher).

The school’s cooking activities follow these guidelines. If you are having difficulty in persuading your child to eat a particular food, catch up with the teacher and see if a cooking activity can be done to persuade your child otherwise.

For birthday celebrations it is suggested that the birthday child provides a small lightly iced cup cake for each child in the class, or a platter of sliced fruit. Please do not send in party bags of lollies as these will not be distributed by the school.

Should you wish that your child does not participate in a birthday celebration, you are to arrange an alternative activity for your child. Classroom ratios are to be maintained at all times, therefore staff are unable to supervise your child outside the classroom during the celebration.

The children drink water at Blue Gum. Fruit juices and carbonated drinks are not allowed.

Summer sun
All members of the School community wear hats outside and have the choice of putting on sunscreen. There is sunscreen provided in each classroom and the children will be encouraged to apply it before going out to play. The staff discuss the dangers of the sun and what can be done about avoiding the effects of the sun with the children. Clothes that cover well will be encouraged and girls who wear skimpy tops will be asked to play under cover. The School has a ‘yes hat, yes play’ policy. Children who do not have a hat are required to sit at a table under cover. How can you help? Remind your child about their hat each day and be matter of fact about a playtime spent on the verandah.

Those hot days
Blue Gum classrooms are air-conditioned, and during very hot days activities are limited to indoors. On the rare occasion that the temperature goes above 40°C, the Department of Education suggests that children can stay home.

Snake alert drill
Being situated on the edge of the Beeliar Wetlands comes with it, delights and concerns. One of the concerns are the snakes, but with common sense they are not an issue.

Teachers discuss with the children the need for keeping food on plates and in lunch boxes. This is because food dropped on the verandahs will encourage mice and rats, and in turn snakes. We also conduct Bush Wisdom incursions to educate the children about wildlife.

What can you do at home? Help your child sit up at the table and keep their food on their plate or in their mouth. If food is dropped, show your child how to sweep it up and put it in the bin.

Part of the Blue Gum Montessori School dress requirements is closed-in shoes to help prevent any encounters with juvenile snakes.

How can you help? Tell your child that everyone at the school is requested to wear closed-in shoes.

The school has a Snake Alert Policy and each Term staff and children participate in a whole school Snake Alert drill, including staff practising first aid.

Have another question?
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For information on Parent Class Liaisons please click on this link: Class Liaison pamphlet 2016