School Uniform

As a Montessori School, Blue Gum does not expect the children to wear a school uniform each day to school. We like to give children a choice.

It is encouraged that the uniform be worn on special occasions – excursion or incursion days are the minimum. This expectation is for two reasons:

  • Firstly, on an excursion, from a safety and duty of care stance, the children are easily identified by their uniform.
  • Secondly, on special occasions and excursions, the children wearing the uniform represent the school to the public.

When the children reach around six years old they are going into an intense social period when they want to belong to a group. This is when they will in all probability ask to wear the uniform regularly.

The uniform consists of a blue polo shirt, navy blue shorts, navy blue skort and a navy and blue checked dress. Our navy blue brimmed and legionnaire’s hats, and a navy blue zip jacket for winter, are also available. All items have the school logo printed on them. It is recommended that the bottom half of clothing should be navy blue, but otherwise of the child’s choice.

The P&C are responsible for uniform shop sales on Monday and Wednesday mornings throughout the school terms (outside administration). Uniforms are generally kept in stock and placing orders is not necessary.

It is advised that when children are not wearing the uniform, comfortable play clothes that are easy to take on and off are most suitable. “Sunday best” clothes are not advisable as some school activities can be messy.