Key School Policies

BGMS is an allergy aware school

BGMS is a sun smart school

BGMS prioritises child safety

BGMS is a member of AISWA

BGMS is accredited with MAF

The School has a number of Policies that ensure for the sound management and organisation of the School as well as the safety of students, staff and resources. It is a condition of enrolment that students and parents agree to adhere to the Policies and Procedures of the School.

These Policies and Procedures have been endorsed by Blue Gum Montessori School Board. Parents or guardians may request a copy of these documents from School Administration or by referring to policies on the parent portal: Transparent Classroom.

Telephone: (08) 9417 4060 or send us an email to

“Blue Gum has been a big part of my life.” James, aged 12