School Philosophy


To provide an excellent Montessori Education that enables the development of every child to reach their full potential.


To be a leading Independent School that develops confident, independent, community-minded children, inspired to life-long love of learning.


The Blue Gum Montessori School philosophy is to acknowledge each child and support the natural phases of their development. We are an independent school that values community life and that actively fosters the partnership between children, parents/carers and professional staff.

Our Values

At BGMS we value:

Educational Excellence

We aim to provide an excellent Montessori education. We support the students’ individuality and natural phases of development so as to enable every child to fulfil their potential.

Health and Safety

We seek to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for our students. The wellbeing of the children, staff and all members of our school community is always a priority.


We promote personal growth and understanding. We encourage the pursuit of individual interests and consider the impact we have on others.

Diversity and Inclusion

We learn about, value and celebrate the diversity of people. We are respectful and inclusive of each other at all times.

Community Life

We encourage active participation and a sense of belonging. We strive to understand and care about others, and contribute positively to our school and our broader community.

The Environment

We learn about and appreciate the universe, nature and the connections between living things. We are aware of our impact on, and seek to care for, our natural surroundings.